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Paranormal Investigation, Parapsychology Research, EVP Technicians,
Ghost Investigators/Hunters, NDE, OBE, ESP, Psi,
Serving all of NYC, Long Island, & surrounding areas. Our goal is to reduce fear caused by paranormal phenomena and to
search for the root of the activity and find ways to resolve it using scientific and metaphysical means.

Established 2003


Updated April 2014

Now that the days are not so cold, it's a good idea to open windows to let out static air and ions and to let in fresh air. Airing out your house will also release energy and help with any build up of EMF (that can amplify paranormal activity). We are always happy to serve you and are and will always be a free service. 


A visit from a family members causes
unrest but more is at hand then just a
 visit from Grandpa. The team works to
put all the pieces together to explain
all the activity.


What is ghost hunting? 
some of the do's and don'ts. Find out
more about what we do and our opinion
on Ghost hunting. What does it take
 to find the proof to satisfy the skeptics?

All investigations are completely confidential and always free of charge.
"True sight is beyond vision..."
Dom V.