915- Ed Sullivan Theater Investigation:

September 26th 2005 - Midtown NY:
Theater - Stories of paranormal activity.

Investigators: Dom V, Dan S, Joe M, Tony S.
The results are in for the analysis of the Ed Sullivan Theater Investigation. We participated in a skit for the Late Show with David Letterman and afterwards conducted a complete investigation on the theater. The results are as followed: (All results are from behind the desk and in front of the bridge on the set)
Erratic EMF readings from both the Natural & Regular Trifield EM meter
Sudden temperature drops, several times. (examined area for drafts or vents, none found)
Active dowsing rods only behind desk.
Video footage reveals: Dark shadow passing & Red ball of light moving erratic.
Audio reveals: Some unexplained noises (nothing positive)
Photos were all clear. (nothing unusual)
We did not witness any activity during the investigation
These are 5 out of 8 unexplained phenomena. We cannot conclude 100% that the theater is in fact haunted, but we feel that we have enough evidence to show possible activity. We would love to return to the theater for a follow up investigation.
The show was originally aired Monday Oct. 10th 2005 & replayed Wednesday Nov. 2nd on CBS @ 11:35pm.
Case remains OPEN