926- Eastern State Penitentiary:

September 26th 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
Home - Former Prison

Investigators: Dom V, Dan S, Dan T, Tony, Joe M, Amara D, Gilberto & Jennifer
Conclusion: Reports of paranormal activity throughout parts of the prison. We were asked to investigate by Spike TV. We have many hours of data to sort through and already we have picked up a unexplained voice.

- Very few readings throughout prison.
Natural EMF - None.
Temperature - In: 70°  Out: 67°  Reading throughout theater steady @ 68° to 72°
Humidity - In: 20%   Out: 41%
Barometric Pressure - 1016Mb Steady
Weather - Clear and sunny.
Moon Phase - Young Moon
Photos - Dom: Clear  Dan: Clear Dan T.: Clear  
Audio - Whispering voice, several times. All team members and film crew were accounted for and no signs of fradulant activity. The voices seem authentic and possible spiritual in nature. The recording was from a cell on Block 4 and no footsteps are heard before or after the voices.
Use headphone to hear the EVP clear. We would like your opinion on what is being said. Please email us with your opinion.

Video - Analyzing
Case Remains: Open