About us
 This organization was established in early 2003 to form a charter of paranormal researchers who work together with the unified goal of research leading to absolute proof of paranormal events. Paranormal research has been conducted for many years with the same goal but as of yet no one has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the reality of the paranormal. Parapsychologist have also conducted tests with positive outcomes but still not undeniable proof.

        Most paranormal phenomena can be categorized in terms of whether they are primarily MENTAL (involving the obtaining of information in paranormal ways) or PHYSICAL (involving paranormal influences on physical objects, events or processes, or on living systems). In practice, however, this distinction is often blurred (e.g., a phenomenon may have both mental and physical features). Additionally, there are varieties of MISCELLANEOUS phenomena that do not fit neatly into either category. Many parapsychologists do not accept some or all of these miscellaneous phenomena as the legitimate study of parapsychology.

Mental Phenomena:
* Extrasensory Perception * Telepathy * Clairvoyance and clairaudience * Psychometry * Precognition and Premonitions * Remote Viewing * Mental mediumship * Dowsing * Past-life memories * Possession * Out of body and near death experiences * Apparitions * Automatic writing * Xenoglossy.
Physical Phenomena:
* Psychokinesis * Physical mediumship * Psychic photography * Healing * Poltergeist activity * Materialization and dematerialization * Levitation.
Miscellaneous Phenomena:
* Bizarre coincidences * Miracles * Stigmata *  Psychological Phenomena.

        We research all things Paranormal and related to Parapsychology. If you are in the field of Parapsychology or a Paranormal Investigator and would like to join The American Association of Paranormal Research contact us with your experience.
    It is our goal to have members from all over America working together as a team. There is no charge for membership. The goal is to have at least one representative in each state. Please give Name, State, City, Organization, Experience and a brief reason why you believe you are qualified.

It is free to register and all we ask is a common goal in proving the paranormal.
You will also get a free link to your Paranormal website on the Rep page.

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