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       We are Paranormal Investigation of NYC. Serving all 5 boroughs, Long Island and anywhere within 2 hours of NYC. Always free and always confidential.
First off, I do not consider us Ghost Hunters, our job is so much more than just ghost investigation. The media has coined the term "Ghost Hunter", ghosts cannot be hunted! It would be nice if we all use the term "Ghost researchers" or "Paranormal Investigators". Anyway, this is the info on Ghost hunting...

I get a lot of questions about ghost hunting and how to go about it. It is not as easy as it may seem. You end up spending a lot of time, energy, and money on work that is rarely rewarding, but when something happens, it is all worth it. Teams come and go for this reason, some expect constant activity.
I would never recommend it as a full time job because you will never make enough money to live on. Never think of it as a job, treat it as a passion. People also believe no education is necessary to become a paranormal investigator, this is not true and dangerous. Education and experience are the most important part of being an investigator. Never believe what you see on television about paranormal activity, most of it is made up for entertainment purposes. True activity is rare and subtle and make take years and many investigations to ever witness. Below  I give a brief idea on what we do.
Spirit contact through Ghost Hunting.
    The goal of a ghost hunter is to show proof or make contact with a deceased spirit or to prove the phenomena is not at all paranormal. Never assume that an area has paranormal activity by the look or feel of it. These are ways if you have ruled out everything else to look for paranormal activity. This is done in several different way. The first is proving the spirit is there in the first place. This is done by electronically or spiritual means.
Having a medium around can be very helpful to make spirit contact. An experienced Medium can gather important information not known prior. Also a medium can communicate with a spirit to help them either find answers or cross over.

What does one do when encountered by a spirit?
    Try and communicate with the spirit, ask questions and see if you get a response. Spirits do not always realize they have passed or else they have unfinished business, or died suddenly. Contacting the spirit involves prayer and guidance. A spirit will usually only react to the religion it followed in life, this is why it it so important to research who the spirit may be. Sometimes a spirit refuses to leave no matter who tries to remove it. If you don't mind living in a haunted house then in time you will adapt to having a spirit dwelling within your home. Others who mind or others who experience hostility or poltergeist like activity sometime have to move out of a home to end a haunting. Remember to rule out Psychokinesis as the reason you believe your home is haunted before moving out.

Residual hauntings represent most of the reported cases and are usually reported as repeated activity (footsteps, voices at a specific time, Etc..) Even hostile hauntings always end one way or another. Spirits usually avoid live people, on the rare occasion a spirit physically interacts with a person. When this happens a persons psychological well being should be determined. Some people subconsciously manifest all types of physical sensations. A persons history is extremely important when dealing with this type of haunting.

The argument whether we exist after death will not be answered until we ourselves become spirits. If only then we could help bring undeniable proof of the afterlife. Remember, when trying to contact the spirit world, there may be no right or wrong way. We must continue our research together until Parapsychology becomes an acceptable Science and we have the evidence and ability to communicate with those who have passed.

Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation is part Science, Parapsychology and metaphysics. Remember that proof is only through observation and belief.

Dom V.