Drop Down Menu Here you can find all video, audio or photo evidence that we have collected over the years all linked to the specific investigation collected from. Here we will also show debunked evidence we have collected. All data will be listed by the date it was found.

807 - Block 6 - Basement image, August 2007. While watching the DVR, Dom, Joe & Tony witnessed a glow in the basement that lingered for several minutes before dissipating. When the basement was check the image was gone and mysteriously the DVR footage was missing from the DVR.

607 - Merchant's House Museum. seance towel. June 2007. During a seance a towel that was on Dan's lap flew off his leg, past Dom and landed on the woman sitting next to Dom. This was not caught on video but was witnessed by both Dom & Dan.

926 - eastern State Penn - Prisoner whisper. September 2006. While investigating Eastern State Penn, Dan setup a recorder in a prison cell under a toilet and when the audio was analyzed, this voice was heard. Whisper

916 - Belasco theater - Energy ball. September 2006. We were asked to investigate the belasco theater for "Sci-Fi Investigates" and while in the basement Dom witnessed a ball of light on the wall of a dark room. This was not caught on video.

416 - Willowby House 2 - Willowby Scream. April 2006. As Artie is walking into the house a scream is heard in the background. We debunked this and it turned out to be a squeaky screen door closing. Scream

915 - Ed Sullivan Theater - Energy ball. September 2005. We were asked to investigate the Ed Sullivan Theater and while filming David letterman's desk we caught this. Energy Ball

305 - Middle Village Investigation - Ferret EVP. March 2005. After finding high EMF readings from a dead stuffed ferret video was setup and caught the sound of an animal scratching against the microphone. Unexplained noise. Ferret EVP

205 - Upstate Investigation - Video of white image on video. February 2005. After Dan and heidi heard a sound they turned to find a penny on the floor. They picked up the penny and started to leave the room when they heard another sound. This time they found a frog pin in the same spot as the penny. Dom then setup a video camera in the room and caught 2 moving white images.
Upstate Video

1204 - Roxy 2 - Voice of a child crying. The voice is from December 19th 2004. Was recorded @ 3:00am in a sound proof room.  Roxy EVP